(Affiliated to CBSE) Affiliation No. 1930418
(Affiliated to CBSE) Affiliation No. 1930418

ANNUAL REPORT 2019- 2020


ANNUAL REPORT 2019- 2020

” May be there is a road ahead of it, May be there is a new world down the road, Walking forth is the only plight, Because we didn’t come this far to come this far only “

APS firmly believes in making our School one of the best schools of our country, by providing 360 degree education to our students through best –in- class academic facilities and churn out citizens who are inspiring leaders with humane touch. Our Annual Report articulates and demonstrates the dynamic nature of our school, our commitment to excellence and our relentless pursuit of achieving Our Best. Established in 2010, Alagar Public School has been preparing our children for the future for the last ten years.We strive for excellence with sincerity of purpose, independence of thought & action among our children and developing sensitivity to others’ well being and feelings. Looking back at our journey in serving the cause of education, since 2010, when our first school came up, we are both happy and proud at the thought of the memorable milestones we have reached


Diamonds are just pieces of coal that did well under pressure and our students are no less than diamonds. This year, we have 100% pass results. . I am happy to place on record that the school continues to be a harbinger in imparting quality education. Our school result stands testimony to the hard work put in by both students and teachers. A total number of 65 students appeared for the examinations set by CBSE Board. Master Muthu Vijay. H of Class 12- B was the topper. He scored 471 out of 500 with 94.2 % result. The students of Class 10 of have scored a remarkable execution of hard work with laudable 100% result in CBSE Board Exams, 2019. A total number of 88 students appeared for the examinations set by the CBSE Board. Miss Bhavadharini. S of Class – 10 A stood first. She scored 458 out of 500 with 91.6 % result.


We continued with chrysalis curriculum, as a teacher of young children, it is vital to understand how to communicate with them and give essential feedback in a positive and constructive way. It is common knowledge that praise and encouragement are high motivators to help children respond the way we want. It builds confidence, self-worth and helps them grow in the knowledge of what is right and wrong, as well as making positive choices about their behavior, so to acquire this knowledge chrysalis conducted the art of communication with kids and our teachers participated for the same.

This year too colors day was celebrated every month followed by the celebrations over the years as follows

28.06.2019 Red Day

2.7.2019 LKG – Assembly Topic – Hygiene

4.07.2019 UKG –Assembly Topic – Nutrition

12.07.2019 Fancy Dress Competition

PRE KG – Rainbow

LKG – Rhymes Characters

UKG – Leaders

17.07.2019 – Exide Life Insurance – Drawing Competition

26.07.2019- Blue Day

29.07.2019 – World Tiger Day

01.08.2019 – LKG – B Assembly Theme: Friends

06.08.2019 – ISA – Show and tell activity was done in LKG C

08.08.2019 – UKG – B Assembly -Theme: Independence day.

ISA – Walk into Seasons. Children were taken to the snow world exhibition.

09.08.2019 – Kids Talent Day16.08.2019 – Crosa Competition-Holy Cross Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School.

22.08.2019 – Krishna Jeyanthi Celebration

24.08.2019 – Aagam Feast – VOC College.

30.08.2019 – Vinayagar Chathurthi Celebration

04.09.2019 – Teachers day celebration

05.09.2019 – Annual day – Day 1 – Prekg to II std -Theme: Wonderland

06.09.2019 – Annual day – Day 2 – III to VI std -Theme: ParukulaeNalla Nadu

07.09.2019 – Annual day – Day 3 – VII to XII std -Theme: Change

13.09.2019 – Flowers Day

18.09.2019 – LKG Assembly -Class: LKG – C -Theme: World Ozone Day

19.09.2019 – UKG Assembly -Class: UKG – C -Theme: Seasons.

20.09.2019 – Rock and Roll – Children Dance.

23.09.2019 – Fancy Dress – Characters in Gandhiji’s life.

27.09.2019 – Green Day celebration.

Theme: Live life cleaner by making earth greener.

08.10.2019 – Vijayadasami admission ( PREKG to UKG)

16.10.2019 – LKG _ D assembly – Theme : Global Hand washing Day

UKG – D assembly – Theme: World Food Day.

24.10.2019 – Yellow Day – Theme : Diwali

25.10.2019 – Diwali celebration for classes PREKG , LKG and UKG

08.11.2019 – Vegetable carving

PRE KG – Making flower using Vegetable Prints.

LKG – Making vegetables using clay.

UKG – Draw and colour the vegetables with basket.

14.11.2019 – Children’s day celebration.

19.11.2019 – Chrysalis general visit

22.11.2019 – Grand Parents day.

26.11.2019 – PRE KG Assembly -Theme: Seasons

28.11.2019 – Brown Day – Theme: Brownie Galattas.

20.12.2019 – Red and White day celebration and Christmas day celebration from Classes KG to III

10.01.2020 – Recitation Day

13.01.2020 – Pongal celebration colouring activity was done in the class.

14.01.2020 – Pongal celebration

22.01.2020 to 24.01.2020 – Story Week for LKG , UKG & PRE KG.

30.01.2020 – Pink Day – Theme: Kitty’s Party

01.02.2020 – Kids Carnival – Inter School Competition In Good Shepherd Model School

05.02.2020 – UKG Assembly – Theme: Go Green

06.02.2020 – LKG Field Trip -Place – Mangal Farm

PRE KG Field Trip – Place – Muthu Nagar Beach

07.02.2020 – UKG Field Trip Place – VVD Farm

10.02.2020 – World Teddy Day.

28.02.2020 – Orange Day

Star of the week was introduced to children for the Student interaction, for a classroom setting, effective feedback was shown by making time for student interaction. This gave each child a chance to share their ideas in a group setting which taught them how to listen and give opportunities to others to share their thoughts in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

To know our kid’s performance every term parent’s teachers meeting was held to make the parents aware of their wards.

Professional development programme

Everyone in this world is a learner, no matter their age. Teachers are learners, too, and that is why, to provide the best possible rounded education to the students of our school, our teachers are constantly updating and learning via workshops. This year, APS conducted a number of programmes for faculty development

27.05.2019 and 28.05.2019 (MON ANDTUE)

Capacity building programme on “Class room Management” was hosted by our School in our school campus. Sixty teachers took part in the sessions. Dr. Siva kumar and Ms.Rajeswari were the resource persons.

09.08.2019 and 10.08.2019 (FRI AND SAT)

Principal Mam (Ms.DeepashreeSarma) and Ms.ShanmugaSundari. S attended the Prospective Resource Persons Orientation Program in Strengthening Assessment and Evaluation practices held at PSG Public Schools, Coimbatore.

Ms.VamseePriya Amar and Mr.Arindham Roy Choudhary were the resource persons.

29.08.2019 and 30.08.2019 (THU AND FRI)

Mr.SundaraMaharajan and Ms.Ponmariammal attended the Capacity Building Programme on “Competency Building in Mathematics – class 12, at PushpalathaVidhyaMandir, Tirunelveli. Dr.RevathiParameswari and Mr. S.U. Gopalakrishnan were the resource persons.

24.10.2019 and 25.10.2019 (THU AND FRI)

Capacity building programme on Competence Building in Chemistry for Class 12 was organised by CBSE. The session took place at PushpalathaVidhyaMandir, Tirunelveli. Ms.Selvi attended the session. Ms.Kanchana and Ms.Shobana from VidhyaMandir, Chennai were the resource persons.

07.12.2019 ( SAT)

Session on “Hub of learning activities” was conducted by Mr. R. Shunmuganandan, Principal, Kamalavati Senior Secondary School, Sahupuram. Ms.Swetha attended the session.


Our school Assembly mainly focuses on to motivate students by positive reinforcement in the form of praise or reward awarded in public.Facilitate National Integration and unity through prayer meetings.Help nurture the sense of patriotism and take pride in our rich culture and heritage.

Assemblies make a positive contribution to the pupil self development. They also pave way for value based education at the same time sensitizing the students to global issues.

Our assemblies contain:

  • A central focus that helps pupils reflect on the theme.
  • Music by the choir that helps to create a calm and reflective mood.

The leader/s of the assembly who carry the theme forward with help of speech, thought, skit music and dance. This year we conducted assembly class wise with the theme “ Be the Change”



International Yoga Day -2019 with the theme “Climate Action” on 21st June, 2019 was celebrated in the campus. Students of Grade 6- 9 demonstrated Surya namaskars and various asanas. Warm up exercises were taken and all students performed sitting and standing asanas. The importance of these asanas were being explained by the trainer Ms.Nageshwari. The program ended with the speech of our Principal. She said that regular practice of yoga will surely help our students achieve a better life physically, mentally and spiritually.


A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way” – said by C. Maxwell.

Alagar Public School’s motto is to create leaders of tomorrow and there is a special ceremony is not just about providing titles, but about conferring responsibilities to the students, to take charge of the school and take it to the height they desire with their leadership and decision making skills, communication and team work. At this ceremony, our school prefectorial board is formed after scrutinous interviewing and selection which gives them a feel of functioning of an official administrative body. The selected students are honored with their respective badges such as Head Boy, Head Girl, House Captain, Vice Captain and the student council members take an oath to faithfully work for the school. Our Chairman Mr.Jeya Raman Ayya encouraged them to in honest efforts for every endeavor and become an inspiration for others.


Annual Day forms an integral part of our school activities.  It is an occasion of celebration, felicitation, feast and festivity when students present not only their wonderful performances but also receive honours for their curricular and co-curricular achievements. The Annual Day 2019 was celebrated for 3 consecutive days and was woven around a special theme on each day.

Day -1

The first day was celebrated on 5th August ,2019. The Theme of the day was “WONDER LAND”. Ms. Juana Goldie, Principal, Johnson Nursery and Primary School, Thoothukudi, was the chief guest.

Day – 2

The Second day was on celebrated on 6th August, 2019. The Theme of the day was “PAARUKKULE NALLA NADU”. Dr. Rathna.R.Robinson, President Peace Trust, Kanyakumari was the chief guest.

Day – 3

The third day was celebrated on 7th August, 2019. The Theme of the day was “CHANGE”. Dr.C. Sylendra Babu,I.P.S., Director General, Railways, Thoothukudi, was the chief guest.

The three-day function was presided over by our honourable Chairman Mr. Jeyaraman, Correspondent Ms.Priyadharshini Kesavan and the Principal Ms.Deepashree Sarma.


The Independence Day has a great importance in every citizen’s life. This day reminds us every year that freedom is sacred and citizens must do everything to ensure that is shall not be endangered. This year we had made all preparations. The Chairman of our institution was the chief guest; he hoisted the national flag at 8.00 a.m. then followed the cultural program. Patriotic songs were recited by the students. Some children performed group dance and skits. Sweets were distributed to all at the end of the celebration.


One of the dearest programs of school life to the children is the ‘Teachers’ Day’. Alagar Public School celebrated the Teacher’s Day to pay respect to all faculty members for their tireless efforts. The cultural show incorporated songs and dance. The students entertained teachers by performing skit and give away the titles to the persona of every teacher. The Principal of our school extended her heartfelt thanks to all the teachers for their diligence, sincerity and hard work. Thereafter teachers enjoyed fun filled activities that marked the celebration.

Children’s Day

If children do well in culturals can teachers be left behind? Oh yes, we are talking about the children’s day. A day where the children got to see a very unusual side of their teachers- from Math, English and Sciences it was music, mime and dance. Our teachers indeed held fort and thoroughly entertained the children beyond the classroom.


Alagar Public School celebrated clean and green with festive gusto. The day started with a special morning assembly where in students delivered speeches on the significance of the festival and the relevance of eco-friendly celebrations. Various activities such as Rangoli, Diya decoration, Paper decoration, best out of waste creations, and card making contests were organized in all the classes.


Our school celebrated the pongal celebrations in a splendid manner. The day started with our traditional pongal song. The students participated in the drama competition and did a magnificent job to make laurels to the pongal celebrations. The real festivity unfurled itself when the children had been offered a variety of fun games right after a graceful Pongal dance of dazzling dancers signifying its core importance of the celebration. Parents were invited and traditional competitions were conducted for them. Various stalls were set up on the school ground. The music crew of APS performed many folk songs with instruments entertained both parents and students. Parents played ‘Uriyadi’ and had sweet pongal and sugarcane. Our blooming buds were still fresh after the fun games. The teachers prepared delicious pongal and it was distributed to parents and students.


The Republic day was celebrated on 26th January , 2019 in the school ground. The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity and brotherhood. The event began at 8.00 a.m. with the hoisting of our national flag by our Chairman Mr. Jeya Raman Ayya. The school echoed with patriotic songs. Republic day Speech was delivered by students and teachers. The program ended with a national anthem. Sweets were distributed to all.


A beautiful school will always be an important part and parcel of our lives. Alagar Public School gave precious memories that are truly priceless to the children. Our school celebrated Blessing Day for the incredible students of class 12 and 10, who were going to appear in their forthcoming Board exams. Our Chairman Mr.Jeyaraman, Correspondent, Ms. Priyadharshini Kesavan were the special invitees to grace the occasion and boost up the morale of Class 12 and 10 students. The student representatives, teachers and parents narrated their experiences and one could feel a sense of pride in the room. It was an evening filled with mixed emotions as everyone narrated their experiences and took a trip down memory lane. Hall tickets were distributed by the dignitaries. Finally a burly bunch of colourful balloons was released.

FIELD TRIPS and Excursions:

“ ALL Work and NO Play makes Jack a Dull Boy” . Educational trips range from local visits to civic offices or businesses to international excursions, complete with overnight stays. We as ALAGAR PUBLIC SCHOOL believes whatever their scope, Educational trips can offer many advantages to our students. They are benefitted from Educational trips by gaining new perspectives on the world. This is especially true for more extensive Educational trips where students travel farther away from home. By coming into direct contact with a different environment or even a new culture or language, students can better understand their place in the community and develop openness to differences in others.

24.06.2019 (MON)

Students of Class V went on a field trip to Udangudi -Thoothukudi. The trip gave an insight on how the palm jaggery was made, palm products were made, livelihood of the people who are involved in this industry. International market for the palm products etc., were explained to them by the owner of the cottage industry.

27.06.2019 (THU)

“Education through movies” – yes, it is quite interesting when you visit the theatre with school friends. Our students of class IV, V and VI were taken to the Movie “Thumba” screened at Cleopatra Theatre, Thoothukudi. The values they learnt from the movie, to save tiger, to protect nature, etc., were depicted in the form of art work, portrait pics, poems, essay, etc., No one could deny there are good movies where young minds learnt good things from them.


Students of Class IV went on a field trip to Udangudi–Thoothukudi. Students were informed about palm products like jaggery, baskets, Karuppatti, etc., all the children and teachers were served karuppati by the owner as a token of their love and respect towards children and education industry.

12.07.2019 (FRI)

Class III students went on a nature visit to Puliyoothu near Puthiyamputhur. Student practices his/her social skills and critical thinking abilities outside of the controlled class setting. They learnt about types of plants, farm animals from the nature.

28.09.2019 – 06.10.2019(SAT TO SUN)

ClassesIX TO XI students went on an Excursion to Delhi, Amritsar, Chandigarh.Places we visited were QutbMinar, India Gate, Birla Temple, Lotus Temple, etc.,

Visit to our Wagah Border- kindles our Patriotic Feeling, Our soldiers and we at The Wagah border to witness Wagah Border Ceremony among the huge crowd, few children of our school, holding Our Pride – Our Tricolour Indian National Flag and took part in the ceremony was unforgettable moment in the page of APS. The Flag Lowering Ceremony before sunset was spectacular. We proudly say this is a place to be visited by each person of our nation. Thanks to our Management for arranging such a wonderful mesmerizing tour.Golden Temple at Amritsar ,Pinjore, Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Raj Ghat, Red Fort, Akshardham Temple, these were the other wonderful places we visited.

23.11.2019 and 24.11.2019 (SAT AND SUN)

Class VI students went on a camp to Kadambavanam, An Ethnic Resort located at Madurai. They enjoyed trekking, shadow puppets, camp – fire, out-door traditional games, etc,

06.12.2019 and 08.12.2019(FRI TO SUN)


29.11.2019 AND 30.11.2019(FRI AND SAT)

As a part of our ISA project, class XI and XII students went on a trip to Tanjavur. They visited Brahadeeswara Temple, our cultural heritage. Students were explained about the architecture of this temple by the tourist guide.

Students were taken to the most wonderful site, Kallanai dam. They admired the construction of the dam and water resource flooding at the time of visit.

14.12.2019 and 15.12.2019 (SAT AND SUN)

Class V students –were taken to CESCI, Madurai. They went on nature walk. This visit promoted community connectivity. It was an opportunity provided by school for total immersion in the natural environment and social setting.

11.01.2020 and 12.01.2020 (SAT AND SUN)

Class VIII students went on a CAMP toKADAMBAVANAM, MADURAI. They went on trekking. Folk arts were screened to the students. They were with full of energy. Educational trips stimulate learning beyond what textbooks and videos can provide to the learning environment, if it is planned well. Here in APS, every year we bring content in the text book alive through these trips.

31.01.2020 (FRI)

Class II students were taken to Mangal Farm, located at Sawyerpuram, Thoothukudi. Through this local destination, students gained a better understanding about their community. It boosted the students’ interest in being an active citizen to help preserve what makes the community special.

06.02.2020 (THU)

Cute little kids of PRE KG visited Muthunagar Beach, Thoothukudi. This was their first visit with their friends, away from parents, holding hands of friends, teachers, their world is totally different and unique, no one could depict their thoughts and memories they had.

13.02.2020 AND 15.03.2020 (FRI TO SUN)

Students of Class VII went on a camp to Kanyakumari. This was an adventurous trip. But unfortunately they were informed to return Thoothukudi due to unfavourable situation there at Kanyakumari.


Our school has an array of ECA and CCA activities for the benefit of our students. It is mandatory for our students to participate in at least one activity under both categories. We understand the all round development of value, skills and abilities are imperative for the growth of a student. We identify and nurture talents in the areas of arts, music, dance, quiz, elocution, yoga and various hobbies that bring out the creativity of the student. We identify students who excel in any particular activity and provide additional training to complete atalllevel. We provide ample opportunities and encourage in all artistic endeavors that helps in the personal, social and cultural development of each student. Year after year students look forward to the grand carnival to showcase their talent in their own inimitable style and flavor with an array of programs.

Inter School Competitions

Co-scholastic activities and academics, complement each other and develop a well-rounded, socially skilled, and healthier student. Students, who are involved in extra-curricular pursuits, tend to improve their academic grades due to increased self-esteem, motivation and better time management. So we are encouraging our students to participate Inter School Competitions. Students took part in many competitions and brought laurels to the school.

  1. In the month of June J. Manuel Inbam participated in Tamil Elocution conducted by S & T Trust. He won the first prize.
  2. In the month of August we participated in CROSA -2019 – 20. We won many prizes in various level competitions.
  3. In the month of October our school participated in inter school literary competition conducted by VOC Port trust. R. Rajalinga Ramu of class X won the first prize in English elocution.
  4. Children took part in Inter school cultural competition conducted by vivekandha Kendra. We won many prizes in various levels.
  5. Mariya Triffi.P of class XII won the first prize in English Essay Writing competition conducted by TMB Bank, Thoothukudi.
  6. In the month of September our class XII students participated in PHYSQUIZ – 2019 conducted by St.Mary’s college. A.L.U. Eswar and Kabilesh won the first prize.
  7. In the month of September we participated in “Integrity – A way of life “ Interschool cultural competition conducted by NTPL and APCV School. We won the over all champion ship.
  8. We participated in Inter school cultural event conducted by Sakthi vinayagar Hindu Vidhyalam. We won overall champion ship.
  9. In the month of November we participated in SKILL TECH 2019 – 20 conducted kamak school. We won many prizes in various level competitions. Our School KG students participated in Aagam 2019 and won the first prize in fancy dress competition.
  10. In the month of February our students participated inter school competitions conducted by St. Mary’s college. We won I prize in Math Project, III prize in Science Quiz.
  11. We won I prize in Science project competition conducted by Tamilnadu Dr. J. Jayalalitha Fisheries University, Thoothukudi.
  12. We won over all champion ship in Inter School cultural competitions conducted by The Vikasa School.

Inter house Competitions

Learning gives creativity, creativity leads to thinking, thinking provides knowledge and knowledge makes the students great. It is duty of every school to modernize a student to a good citizen. We are providing a encouraging environment to the students for their development.. To expand learning experience, we conducted various competitions.

  • In the month of June we conducted talent hunt for classes VII to XII. Students enthusiastically participated in Visual art and performing art events.
  • We conducted Literary and Art competitions for students.


Classes IV – VI


Literary events – I PLACE – EMERALD HOUSE

Classes VII – IX


Literary events – I PLACE – RUBY HOUSE

Classes X – XII


Literary events – I PLACE – SAPPHIRE HOUSE



SCIENCE OLYMPIAD FOUNDATION, DELHI, conducted exams for various subjects like Math, Science, English, Cyber, etc. The exam encouraged the children to find out their knowledge about the subject. This enhances the learning and thinking skills of the students and brings out their hidden talents.

HUMMING BIRD, DELHI had conducted HMIT( Humming Bird Intelligence Test) which boosted up the Intelligence skill and their  thinking ability.

Spell Bee International, Chennai, conducted the Spell Bee Exam which increased the chidren’s passion and love towards learning a  language. It helped them to increase their grammar, vocabularies, sentence framing, etc. It helped the children to strengthen their  knowledge in English.

There was an active participation of students form classes 3 to 12 for the subjects SCIENCE, ENGLISH, MATHS and CYBER.

Spell Bee exam was conducted for classes 3 – 9 and HMIT exam was held for classes 6 -12.

Chrysalis Day:

Chrysalis day – our project display day was celebrated on March 13, 2020. Mrs.SandeepNanduri was the chief guest. All parents, visited the show case. Children were full of energy; they were immersed in their role. Contents were well explained by the children to all the visitors. Feedback given by the chief guest and parents were the energy boosters for our children. With the constant support from Management, Principal, Parents, Teachers and children, Project Display achieved the success.

No Book Day:

All Fridays are energy bound days for our children. Children were informed a week before to bring only the necessary materials needed for activities. Task will be assigned by the teachers to children. They were allowed to work independently to arrive at the conclusion of the given activity. This makes them independent learners. Some activities were done as group work, where they develop socio – emotional skill. “No book day” is the platform provided to our children to enhance their skill.
Parents co-operation is noteworthy. All are pleased to be on “NO BOOK DAY”


The Awards Day is held to honour all the winners in the field of Academics . Alagar Public School Celebrated the Awards Day on 13th July, 2019. Dr.Shanmugananthan, Principal, Kamalavathi Senior Secondary School, Thoothukudi, was the chief guest. Elaborate arrangements were done by the teachers. The chief guest congratulated the students and motivated them to shine with success forever in their life . It is a proud day not only for the students but also for the parents to see their child go up the stage to receive their Medals & Certificates.


The second year session was started on 8th July 2019.

Bharath Scouts and guides organization conducted a one day camp for
Cubs and Bulbuls on 27thJuly in P.S.P Higher Secondary School, Pudukkottai. 56 students attended the camp.

Cubs Bulbuls gathering were provided the following opportunities to –

Enjoy the activities specially carved out for them
Help them demonstrate their skills and talents.

They were benefited and enjoyed being a part of the camp. They learnt different types of clap, games and stories. New batch of 50 students joined in the Cubs and Bulbuls in this academic year with full enthusiasm.


16 students were selected for HEERAKH PANKH AND CHATURTHI CHARAN Exam. The exam was held on 9th August 2019 at Sakthi Vidyalaya, Thoothukudi. Cubs and Bulbuls show cased their skills and talents in cultural presentation during the evening activities called Red Flower (for Cubs) and Kalarav (for Bulbuls). All the 16 students were promoted to final Golden arrow award Exam for Cubs & Bul Buls

We thank our Management, Principal and parents who render a support for theCubs & Bul Buls to develop the values of integrity, brotherhood, self-discipline in the minds of young children.


We firmly believe that positive communication between parents and teachers goes a long way in improving the efficacy of education. We ensure active participation of parents in the teaching learning process. Apart from regular periodic communication between the teachers and parents the following PTMs were held during the last session


ISA allows learning to end on a positive note with the head teacher and the ISA team receiving individual certificates from the British Council when the school achieves the award. Achieving the award is not the end of the journey. The schools and teachers involved in ISA may remain engaged with the British Council programmes beyond the assessment year.Personally, we are really pleased and satisfied of the school’s achievement so far and looking forward to applying for the ISA over again in the future.Alagar Public school has registered for the 3rdtime with the British Council to provide a platform to its students to realise the international and global learning. ISA (International School Award) is one of the major step into the direction.

We are working on our action plan to meet the benchmark in order to get this award.


  • In the month of June We started this Academic year sports coaching for Classes VI – IX
  1. Basket Ball
  2. Volley Ball
  • Inter house Competition conducted for classes 6 -8 Athletic events.
  • The following games were conducted in the month of July as Inter house Sports Competitions for Classes xi to XII for Boys and Girls
  1. Volley Ball
  2. Basket Ball
  3. Throw Ball
  • Our School Basket Ball tournament (category under 14 and 16 ) conducted in The Vikasa School Under 14 Category we won the cup .
  • Our students participated in Silambam Competition held at Bharatha Rathna Kamaraj Matriculation School and won the many prizes in the various level.
  • In the month of August We participated in 28th District level School Volley Ball Champion Ship Tournament at Tharuvai Stadium.
  • Our Studetns participated in Aringhar Anna Cycle Race Competition and our school won the first place in Class IX Category.
  • Our School PET Masters Mr. Sankar Ram and Mr. Diwakar went to Dakshin Sahaodhaya School complex sports meeting.
  • In the month of October our School Foot Ball team ( Category under 14) took part in Foot Ball Tournament conducted by Dakshin Sahodhaya School complex at Kings School, Vallioor.
  • In the month of October our School Volley Ball team ( Category under 14) took part in Volley Ball Tournament conducted by Dakshin Sahodhaya School complex at Kings School, Vallioor.
  • In the month of November our School took part in Kho – Kho Tournament conducted by Dakshin Sahodhaya School complex at Nagercoil. Came as Runner –up.Children went to Basket Ball Tournament conducted by Dakshin Sahodhaya School complex at Vins School Nagarcoil and came Runner- up (Category Under 17).
  • In the month of November our School Hand Ball Boys and Girls team took part in Hand Ball Tournament conducted by Dakshin Sahodhaya School complex at Amritha Vidhyalam, Kanyakumari. Girls Hand Ball team came as Runner – up.
  • Winter Coaching Classes started for Classes VI – IX for the following games.
  1. Foot Ball
  2. Kabadi
  3. Hand Ball
  4. Kho- Kho
  5. Basket Ball
  6. Volley Ball
  • We participated in Mohammed Ali Memorial Trophy Basket Ball Tournament Origanized by TBA Club held at The Vikasa School.
  • We participated in Judo District Compettion Conducted by Thoothukudi Judo Association.
  • We School Basket Ball boys and girls team (category under 13) Participated in Basket Ball Tournament conducted by Gymkhana Club
  • We participated in District level Taekwondo Tournament conducted by Thoothukudi District Sports Association.

Helping Hand

My sincere thanks to all the students, parents and members of the faculty for your kind co – operation every year. Every year the generous contribution you have made towards the charity is made us feel proud and happy.

In Diwali celebration We contribute household things to the needy people. This is the generous contribution for a noble cause. Our beneficiaries “Anbu illam” near to allwin hotel. “Nesa karangal” in bryant nagar, “muthukkal” old age home in Muthammal Colony. “Little sisters” old age home.

New Initiative

Improvement is a motto that should be one of the core values every person should have.

Setting up of Atal Tinkering Lab

We are proud to inform that our school has been selected for the Atal Tinkering laboratory for the Academic year 2020-2021.Our unique ID No.ATM/ATL 2019/2020 – 01-10-86857552.The objective of this scheme is to boost curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds and inculcate skills such as design mind – set, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing, rapid calculations, measurements etc. We are working on our action plan to meet the benchmark

A Bouquet of gratitude.

Before I conclude the report I humbly acknowledge the encouragement and positive energy that is given by everyone here. I take this opportunity to thank our Chairman Mr. a Jeyaraman and our Correspondent Mrs Priyadarshini Kesavan for their constant support. I also extend my gratitude to the Vice Principal, Head Teachers, Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents, Benefactors and Resource Persons for striving earnestly in taking APS to greater Heights.

I sincerely thank the Almighty for giving me yet another opportunity to present the Annual Report of this prestigious school. Thank you, everyone, from the depth of my heart.

I am happy to announce once again that from this citadel of knowledge, children are soaring high and will be very successfull in different capacities. A proverb says, A tree is known by its fruits. Let me conclude by asserting that A tree is known by its Fruits.

Thank you

Deepashree Sarma