(Affiliated to CBSE) Affiliation No. 1930418
(Affiliated to CBSE) Affiliation No. 1930418



APS/2021-22 CIR 001 13.04.2021

Dear Parents,


We have successfully completed the academic year for class XI. In this juncture we would like to convey our thanks for your tireless co-operation. We are now ready to start our new session for the class XII. We have planned to re-open by April, 19th. The classes will be conducted through online mode due to the pandemic. Regular offline classes will be conducted after the situation becomes normal. Kindly extend your support and cooperation for the same.


Important Dates to be noted:

PARENT – TEACHER’S MEET16/04/2021 Roll no.: 01 to 20 17/04/2021 Roll no.: 21 to 40 (Timing: 9.30am – 2.30pm)
BOOKS DISTRIBUTION16/04/2021 Roll no.: 01 to 20 17/04/2021 Roll no.: 21 to 40 (Timing: 9.30am – 2.30pm)
  • Parents are expected to bring money around Rs. 2000 to buy textbooks.
    We solicit your support in ensuring that the children attend the classes regularly and also seek your feedback.With regardsPRINCIPAL



APS/2021-22/CIR 002 30/04/2021

Dear Parents,


As per the notification from Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) dated 14/04/21, the results for class X will be declared by the board later by following new evaluating criterion.


The school proposes to start the new academic year (2021-22) for class 11 at the earliest. The process of admission for the above will commence shortly. Your ward would be granted provisional admission to class XI for the upcoming academic session subject to his/her passing the examinations.

Please note:

1. The stream will be allotted based on the overall performance.

2. Students who had studied standard Math are eligible to take Science and Commerce.

3. Admission is subject to the grades obtained and the norms prescribed by school.

The groups that are offered in our school are as follows:


Ms. Deepashree Sarma



Parents to indicate the choice of stream for their ward.

(The school reserves the right to change the stream based on the overall performance.)

I wish to admit my ward _________________________________ to class XI in Group ____________ for the academic year 2021-2022


APS/2021-22/CIR 003 30.06.2021

Dear Alagar family,

Greetings from Alagar Public School!

We hope that all of you are staying at home and staying safe. This is a challenging and difficult time for all of us as we endeavor to stay healthy, continue to stay home in order to stay safe while trying to keep learning a priority in our students’ lives. If there was ever a time where we need one another this would be that time. Each of us have our own personal challenges to overcome, we need to be there for one another. We are making every effort to reach out to you in hopes that you will share with us how we can better support you through this unprecedented time. School, the joy of learning something new, has always been the bedrock of our lives. It is essential in so many ways, now more than ever. Schools are not just about academics. Schools are so much more to our community and it is during times like these that we can demonstrate the importance schools have in our lives; the concept of school is not found in buildings, school is about the people who fill them. School is a place for connection with one another as we strive to make things better for our children. Families across the globe are adapting to the evolving changes in daily life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes trying to keep children occupied, feeling safe, and attempting to keep up with schoolwork as best as possible. None of this is easy, but it helps to stay focused on what is possible in order to reinforce a sense of control and to reassure children that they are okay, and that the situation will get better. It is very important to remember that children look to adults for guidance on how to react to stressful events. Be a role model and focus on the positive. Establish and maintain a daily routine, identify projects that might help each other. Offer lots of love and affection. It’s important to monitor television viewing and social media. Take time to talk to children. The world changes quickly. This global crisis is a great reminder that the world is moving towards virtual learning and working spaces, and if our students are not able to adapt, they will be left behind. Our teachers are excited about the virtual learning spaces they have created and hope the students take full advantage of it. Taking education Online – we have completed the Bridge course and are starting this year’s academic lessons for classes KG to IX from July 1st.

Stay connected to school. Be sure to read any communications you receive. Check with your children, particularly older ones, as they may be receiving information directly that would be helpful for you to know. We hope children take the time to reflect and recognize how much their teachers love them and push them to be better. We will continue to answer the front office phone number and respond to emails

Your suggestions and feedback are always welcome. Mail to principal@alagarschool.in


Deepashree Sarma


APS/2021-22/CIR 004 03.07.2021

Dear Parent,

Trust you and your loved ones are safe. As we begin the academic session 2021-2022, the Alagar family would like to extend our gratitude towards all parents for always being our partners in the mammoth endeavour of online learning. While it may not always seem that way, parents are perhaps the most important people in the lives of adolescents. While the nature of the relationship changes, their need for your love, support and guidance is still as strong, especially in these uncertain times. Strong family relationships can go a long way towards helping your child grow into a well-adjusted, considerate and caring adult.

It is aptly stated that the future belongs to those who strive to reinvent themselves. In this period of emotional upheaval for all, we pledge our commitment to ensure that every student continues to learn ceaselessly.

We feel immensely fortunate and indebted to our parents who supported us through out with their love and trust. Thank you for reposing faith and trust in us!!

Your unflinching support, co-operation and faith, inspire us to raise the bar for ourselves. We look forward to a continued meaningful and constructive academic engagement with your ward.
To all children we welcome you back and it is also a reminder that this is the last two years of your school journey!

We shall commence the online classes from Monday and I can proudly say that we have a team of qualified, trained and experienced teachers to guide you towards your destiny, but it is you who have to take the first step towards success. Therefore engage actively and participate fully in every aspect of experience. Remember Excellence is a journey, Discipline is the vehicle and Victory is the objective.

Meanwhile it is our wish that you become a person of value rather than a person of success. Therefore, we want each of our students to grab every opportunity of learning and leave school with value of respect and be more humane as you pass out from APS. Till such time we want you to be sincere in your studies, dedicated and hard working and display excellent behavior. Wish you all the best and hope you will make us proud!

We look forward to meet you soon!


Deepashree Sarma


APS/2021-22/CIR 005 03.07.2021

Dear students of class 11

On behalf of the administrative staff and faculty members we would like to welcome you to the new academic session. Our faculty members are looking forward to imparting quality education and helping you to understand fundamental concepts in your chosen subjects

Covid 19 has posed significant challenges in the continuity of learning. Nevertheless it has not dampened our spirit of educatum. All around the world Online Learning is gaining popularity due to the pandemic of covid19 for schools, colleges and all training institutions. Our classrooms are shifted to virtual platforms giving us an opportunity to attend our classes from the comforts of our homes. However we shall be regularly meeting online and as students you’ll need to show up and demonstrate to your teachers that you are present, paying attention and actively participating in the class. Similar to our physical situation of class we expect a high level of discipline from every student even while attending virtual classes. Kindly take note of some definite guidelines given below and be the best online student that you can be.

1. Attendance:
As enrolled student of APS, your attendance matters. Attendance will be taken for every subject. Kindly login to which ever online platform your teacher is using and be present regularly. There should be no excuses for technical problems. Being late for class is not acceptable and being irregular will not be excused.

2. Syllabus:
Each subject teacher will present you the syllabus. Make sure you read it and get acquainted with the content of each lesson. Be prepared to participate actively in each class. The syllabus is your road map to be successful and excel in the course you are enrolled into.

3. Timetable and Routine:
Timetable of your daily routine for each class is attached. Make sure you note it and are present regularly as per the times lot allotted for your class.

4. Books
We hope that you have all purchased your from school if not please do so by 7th July. Maintenance of notes in the prescribed note copies is mandatory. Update all the notes given by your teachers on regular basis which will be checked by the teachers.
Assignments / project activities / test are important areas of internal assessment and therefore it should be taken seriously. Action will be initiated to non performing students.

5. Examination:
After coverage of certain portion of the syllabus online test / examination will be conducted. Make sure you have a specific study hour daily. We encourage you to read the text books and keep the notes of your teachers for references.

6. Discipline:
We also value discipline in our pupils. As students we expect that you exhibit the best values learnt from home and schools. Being involved in online spaces requires students to be have safely and responsibly.


*appropriate use of language

*upholding democratic values

*respect for diversity and equality

*respect for privacy and dignity of others

*no violation of the human rights

*not visit any in-appropriate sites

*respect for people’s property


*protecting your own privacy and personal information

*selecting appropriate spaces to work and contribute

*protecting the privacy of others (this can be sharing personal information or images)

*being proactive in letting a parent/guardian or teacher know if something is not quite right.

7. Cultivate meaningful relationships:

Be open to and seek out relationships with faculty. A close relationship with a faculty member dramatically increases the odds of performing well.

We are always open to suggestions regarding the mode of classes / lectures and we welcome our students to provide feedback about the quality of the teaching or any other concerns you may have. Please write to principal@alagarschool.in

Wish you a happy and productive year ahead.


Deepashree Sarma