(Affiliated to CBSE) Affiliation No. 1930418
(Affiliated to CBSE) Affiliation No. 1930418



Develop A Passion For Learning. If You Do, You Will Never Cease To Grow.


The school offers CBSE Board of Education and we are diligent that a child should be encouraged to compete with his own self and not with other children, and that positive motivation and encouragement can go a long way in a child’s development. We insist on providing a stress-free environment for the children to learn and grow.
Our school provides a perfect integration of academic excellence and professional learning environment with a dynamic and interactive framework. We also ensure that quality is constantly monitored, standards are reviewed and maintained, we take pride in providing the best education to our students today”.
We adapt the following approaches and methodologies to teach different subject matter at different learning levels.

  • Integrated / Holistic methods
  • Project / Play way methods
  • Direct instructions / Lecture method
  • Story method / dramatization
  • First hand Experiences / Sensory Experiences
  • Study skills/ Thinking Skills
  • Organization Skills and Technology Skills
  • Group Work / Individual Work / Pair Work
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Experiments and Demonstrations
  • Presentation through Different Media
  • Exploration and Research
  • Reasoned Debate – Information and Reasons
  • Activity Oriented Method
  • Cross Curricular Approach