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An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Interest.

ISA British Council
Alagar Public School Thoothukudi had a great opportunity to participate in International School Award competition conducted by British council 2016-17. ISA took us on a Global tour through the various projects and activities of international flavor.

Best School in Thoothukudi


Education needs to be approached in alternative ways and collaborating music and Visual art to approach other subject disciplines has been our vision. Rhapsody has been at forefront of creative intelligence among schools for the past 8 years largely specialising in STEM with art integration .
After years of research and working with over 5 lakh kids we have put together a programme designed to bring out every child’s inner creativity and guide them on their path to become successful and enthusiastic individual in this upgrading world. The Global Creative Thinker Programme’s detailed skill mapping has been translated to a set of unique lesson plans from kindergarten to grade 5 and beyond. All the lessons under The Global creative thinker programme map to one or more skills.

All students will have access to Global Creative Thinker’s digital platform that has all lessons for a recap, activities, supporting materials as well as the virtual showcase space. The parents can track the children’s progression in our digital platform Cocoon.